New York Ceramist Auguste Elder wood-fires ceramic sculptures and tea-ware.

Tea Specialist Lisa Chan studied under Tea Master Fu Chen in Taiwan.

Together they offer Master Fu Chen’s award winning oolongs, served in one-of-a-kind wood-fired vessels, an artful tea experience to help you create mindful moments throughout your day.


All wares are handmade by Auguste Elder. Nothing is factory-made or slip cast. Each piece is urged into being by his hands on the potter’s wheel in New York City, and brought to life in a wood-burning kiln upstate over the course of a three-to-seven day firing. The process is centuries-old, slow, and labor intensive. And because the wares are deliberately exposed to the frenzy of the fire and ensuing ash, they bear the marks of existence: no two pieces can ever be exactly alike.

Our teas are sourced from Taiwan, made by Teamaster Fu Chen. She is a female tea farmer, now regarded as one of Taiwan’s national treasures, for her depth of tea farming and processing knowledge. Generations of tea wisdom has been passed down, straight into your cup. All hand plucked and hand processed, the tea is small-batch and reflects the time and place of where it was grown. Traditional tea-making relies on the tea master to read the seasons and the weather, knowing when and how to process the teas to yield the most optimal cup, with a full bouquet and low astringency.