Fine Teas, Rough Wares, Urbane Sweets

Simplicity Rooted in Tradition and Craft

Explore the Inner Life of Ceramics

The Adirondack Collection

Open-ended poetry without rhyme or closure. Wood-fired with the patience and forces of nature in upstate New York.

The Paleocene Collection

Forms of utility and beauty, made in collaboration with fire. Wood-fired tea ware born from ashes in upstate New York.

The Holocene Collection

Merging our wood-firing sensibilities with a more modern reduction-firing process.
Tea ware made and fired in NYC.

Engage all the senses. Build your tea journey with textures, flavors, and sights you love.

Sweets for your tea table

Handcrafted Teas

Rustic and Refined

Cha Bay was founded by two tea lovers: a potter and a pastry chef.

What people are saying!

In today's chaotic world, Cha Bay crafts an oasis of serene beauty. A daisy in a Cha Bay vase, tea steeping in a pot with the artist's spirit embedded in the clay, cookies that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Elegance, grace, and simplicity.
Steve and Wendy

Erie, Colorado

My partner and I both have two tea vessels from Cha Bay, and we love them so much! They are beautiful on our shelf and multi-functional. Auguste and Lisa put so much love and care in their work, and we feel the story behind them.
Carolyn Bahar. Brooklyn, NY

Pick up a Cha Bay cup and feel wood-fired warmth from hand-sculpted clay. Take a sip of tea and experience this soft strong energy embodied. Auguste and Lisa combine their gifts to make incomparable treasures. We are devoted!
Tim and Michelle. New York, NY

IG: @chinatownsoup

ChaBay is a wonderful company owned by the kindest people you could meet: Auguste and Lisa! They make gorgeous tea wares to go with the delicious teas and even have tea cookies so it just adds to the whole experience. I had the pleasure working with them at the French Cheese Board for a pairing event with French cheeses and they are so knowledgeable about their craft and it shows. You cannot go wrong with ChaBay products for their craftsmanship, service, and care.

New York, NY

Our favourite memory and treasure my daughter and I took home from NYC - the greatest city in the world - back home to Brisbane, Australia, came from Cha Bay! Cha Bay was the best thing about exploring Canal Street Market. Created by Auguste and Lisa, their Cha Bay's products are beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and made with such passion and love. The experience of meeting them both touched us, as they are two souls that care for not only their customers, but for people and the world around them. Auguste and Lisa, people like you are rare. By touching people through your business I believe you are spreading tentacles of goodness further than you could imagine. We cannot wait to return and see you again. Until then we remember you each time when we enter our home and say hi to your Chabay NYC squirrel who greets us.
Jane and Mollie

Brisbane, Australia

Auguste and Lisa are indeed a perfect match, both artists in complementary crafts. My partner and I each have a "rough ware" tea bowl, and it makes our time together over tea much more meditative. We've shared Alishan, a red tea, best sipped after a brisk walk on a rainy day. We had the pleasure of visiting them in their pop-up shop in NYC last October, and what a privilege that was. They move with such intention, creating an intimate and inclusive space for conversation. I believe they've managed to do that with success through their online shop. It's rare to find such care and craftsmanship. You're in good hands with Cha Bay.
Amanda Murphy. Kennett Square, PA

IG: @aregina92

The name, Cha Bay, brings a sense of warmth. Immediately I can see a line up of all the amazing happily dancing cups and bowls. It is exciting to see Cha Bay's collection. Each one is unique and carries a sense of happiness. I'm sure that's because Auguste and Lisa filled them with loads of love. I am very fortunate to have collected a cup from their wood-fired collection. I am in love with it! Sharing tea with it and giving it a pat each day, the mini cup is perfect to serve a matcha shot in. A sip of tea from their wood-fired textured cup brings us closer to Mother Earth, and life is fulfilled.
Eunice. New York, NY

IG: @threeteabowls

As an enthusiast, I need the artist to help me see further than what is on the surface: to help me understand "why" I love a piece. Mr. Auguste Elder did just that. He sent me a number of videos to explain numerous pieces, as I couldn't be there physically to inspect them. I was surprised to see the videos, not all artists are as humble, kind, and sympathetic. To me, this is very important. I see that I am buying not just a piece, but a piece of the artist. This includes the conversation I had with him. I loved all the pieces from the Paleocene Collection. It conjures a sense of warmth and elegance, and Auguste explained how the combinations of texture, colours, and patterns came to be. He went on explaining about the gloss and matte surfaces and, after a brief pause, remarked about the chatter pattern that "evokes something of a mountain landscape" before adding "I think." This implies that the creator of the piece himself probably had, for an instant, discovered the "mountain" in the cup; which I think is one of the many gifts of an artist: to be constantly surprised by his artwork that in the process of creation was never within the full control of himself - like it has a soul of its own. It has been half a year since the cup arrived here in Indonesia. I've been using NM-13 almost daily. The cup improves the earthy flavour of houjicha and pu-erh. My other favourite companion drink would be Kenyan coffee, as the rugged elegance of the cup nicely complements the big and juicy mouthfeel of Kenyan coffee. As the cup grows on me, I believe I will find more types of drink where the cup improves its flavours. It has been a wonderful journey.
Ernest Junius