Paleocene Collection

We collaborate closely with the fire to urge original works of utility and beauty into the world.

Wood firing is an ancient process that is time and labor intensive.  Rather than electricity or gas, wood is the only source of fuel for the kiln. It demands consecutive days of loading the work into the chamber, stoking the fire, monitoring temperatures, and adjusting oxygen levels by sight, sound and feel in a controlled manner.

At their peak, the temperatures exceed 2400-degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to melt the silica and other compounds in the ash from the wood. This results in a naturally occurring glaze on each ware. The fire glazes each piece with melted trees.

In this way, each piece is unique and cannot ever be replicated again. 

Our collection is hand built or wheel-thrown in New York City. We wood-fire them in Upstate, NY in an anagama kiln.