Han Tsutsu-Gata


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This wood-fired tea bowl is a bit quirky. The “Han tsutsu-gata” form refers to its half-cylinder shape. This one features a hip that when turned upside down evokes the pinion of a watch. The nuka glaze cascades over the lip and covers more than 90% of the exterior wall. In the well, a spiral gently emerges from the snowdrift. Comfortably holds 70ml, though we recommend topping off at 55ml for the love of auspicious serendipities. PLEASE NOTE: This glaze darkens and crazes without delay with each use. It is a natural outcome of your tea practice, and evidences inevitable forces of time and heat. Admittedly some love the aesthetic, and others less so. 4.5 x 7.5 x 7.5cm.