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This wood-fired porcelain bowl represents a new era for Cha Bay. We rarely offer porcelain works, let alone one that is both as refined and wild as this one. The “ido-gata” form means “well shaped,” featuring a concave ribbon that circumnavigates the lip, designed to be a comfortable point of contact when sipping hot tea from a thin vessel. To the nimble and highly skilled among us, this vessel can serve as a chawan.The colorway can best be described as “dusk over ocean,” and ranges from pure white to thundercloud-periwinkle, with cascade of celadon abuting blushing oxides. It bears a distinct “comet” on the side from where it sat in the fire. Comfortably holds 125ml, though we recommend topping off at 100ml so that coffee drinkers don’t switch teams and beat our door down. 6.5 x 12 x 12.5cm.