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This wood-fired porcelain bowl, as well as vessel #21.10, represent a new era for Cha Bay. We rarely offer porcelain works, let alone one that is both as refined and wild as this one. The “ido-gata” form means “well shaped,” featuring a concave ribbon that circumnavigates the lip, designed to be a comfortable point of contact when sipping hot tea from a thin vessel. To the nimble and highly skilled among us, this vessel can serve as a chawan.The external colorway can best be described as “nor’easter,” while the interior is more desert-like. Radiating the foot is a chattering (tobikanna) that evokes the choreography of a whirlpool. Comfortably holds 120ml, though we recommend topping off at 95ml just in case you encounter a low pressure front drifting in from the coast. 4.5 x 10 x 11.5cm.