New Moon


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New Moon Cha-bei (tea cup) wood-fired in an anagama kiln in New York State. This vessel features strong wood-fired characteristics: naturally occurring ash-glaze deposits, deep flashing of color from the heavy reduction of oxygen, and distinct directional markings from the fire’s contact with the surface. The base features our tiptoe foot with a pool of melted beach glass collected from the New York  City shoreline. The interior contains a small but well defined nami (wave). The outer walls of this vessel are riddled with tobikanna (chattering) that not only hold the ash, but reveal the direction of the fire’s path in the kiln, while the lip bears the scars of the firing process. More specifically, the wads that this piece sat upon in the kiln left sharpened surfaces that ground down to a smooth but undulating surface. Irregular circumference further pronounces the blistering conditions under which this beauty was born.