Our latest creation, the wood-fired 水たまり碗 “Mizutamariwan,” or “puddle bowl” offers a varied ashy surface and characteristic chattering radiating the cratered foot. The swirl in the well will catch just enough glimmer through your tea to add depth and movement to your steep. It will hold 50ml, but we recommend no more than 40ml to maintain proper decorum at the roller derby. 3 x 8.5 x 8.5cm.

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One of the new forms to emerge this season includes our proprietary 水たまり碗

“Mizutamariwan,” or “puddle bowl.” These are shallow bowls that, like the natsujawan (summer bowl), allow your tea to cool to a comfortable temperature in even the hottest weather. We conceived these to be used primarily for tastings, and to sit squat on the tea table…to appear almost recessed, like puddles of rainwater on an old country road. They allow the tea to be viewed from almost any angle due to their low walls and wide mouths. We have found that they also present well banchan (Korean side dishes), and other condiments. We built the instrument: you decide what to play on it.