Jade Mist Oolong



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The oolong that the moon turns to for inspiration.  It has a smooth, straw-hued liquor that lights up the sides of the tongue as it yields to an aroma that one customer described as, “baked sweet potato just as it begins to bubble around the edges.” We couldn’t agree more. Vegetal, soft, classically oolong with a long cooling finish. Like us, you’ll compare all other high mountain oolongs to this one. Share with us your tasting notes, as well as your creations inspired by this fine tea’s lyric. Perhaps we’re a little biased at Cha Bay, but we are certain that this unparalleled tea is solely responsible for our company’s existence. We fell in love over and for this Jade Mountain varietal, spurring the creation of a flotilla of tea-wares on the potters wheel, and a multitude of original tea-snack recipes.