Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Tea Set


    Limited Offer! Set includes:

one handmade tea bowl
our signature tea buttons
30g of Alishan Red Tea

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for appreciating nature and moonlight, friends and loved ones, and sharing memorable flavors.

To usher in the mid-Autumn Festival, Cha Bay offers you our 2023 Box Set, which includes: 30g of our Alishan Red tea; 50 tea-button cookies; a 50ml teabowl from our Robin’s Egg collection; and a 5.5″ square wooden coaster.

Cha Bay’s Alishan Red is a perfect tea for Autumn – a juicy steep that offers a cacao base upon which hints of cedar and cinnamon dance. Pair this with Cha Bay’s very own tea-button cookies, baked with the same Alishan Red mentioned above to a perfect golden crisp. Enjoy your Alishan Red served in one of our Robin’s Egg tea bowls: no two bowls alike, you receive what serendipity brings your way (representative ware in photo above, but expect variation). And to top (or bottom) it off, we are including a wooden coaster to serve as a warm pedestal for your sipping instrument.
The auspicious price of $88 includes tax and shipping within the continental USA, as well as fortune and good luck. (Fortune and good luck are not always recognized when it’s sitting in front of you…karmic conditions apply.)