Tea Buttons Cookie Jar


Pop a button…in your mouth!
This is what happens when the oolong in your cup turns into cookies. Crisp buttery wafers, ready for your snacking pleasure and to enhance your tea experience! Each batch is made to order and handmade by Lisa.

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The story behind these cookies start in South Carolina, where Lisa was born and raised. Thin sesame wafers are a traditional Southern sweet, often presented for afternoon tea when the sun is hot and the tea is iced. It was only a matter of time before Lisa put her favorite tea into her favorite cookie! These buttons simultaneously bring her back to childhood in South Carolina, and the jade green tea gardens of Taiwan. She hopes you will make your own delicious memories around this simple yummy treat.

Made with Cha Bay’s Alishan Red Tea.

Each order contains 1 glass jar filled with 30- 36 buttons.
Ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Oolong Tea, Wheat flour, Salt, Egg

These cookies are made in a kitchen that contains nuts, wheat, eggs, and dairy.